Make it Simple, but Expressive

We do business with certain rules and methods. Our ultimate purpose is to increase the performance of the products we design and make the life of the end user easier.

Egemen Bilici, Design Manager, Lanova


We work with professional kitchens and attend fairs to consider what makes our actual and potential customers happy. Our products should be intuitive, accessible, user-oriented and durable.

The chef should focus on the food, not the oven. Appearance is not that important at the workplace but your kitchen at home should be at the fore with its aesthetic appearance.


We have all changed our perspective on the kitchen. The food we used to cook just to satisfy our hunger is now something we talk about, discuss and invite people to eat. While all of this takes place in a single room with a rhythm, Lanova listens to the rhythm of your kitchen.


Our business is based on the principle of an accessible kitchen. Just like the ingredients for a meal, our professional team should be high quality. In line with this principle, we attach importance to appearance in order to design an experience that appeals to everyone.

Thanks to these opportunities and this passion, our team yields professional results.